Listen to Wings of Sound
John Brown, Dian Kelly, Gary Stephens

John Brown, Dian Kelly, Gary Stephens

Wings of Sound is blessed with a trio of fine vocalists whose sole job is to sing and relate their talent to the crowd!

Gary Stephens is a vocal chameleon; one moment he’s singing like Billy Joel and the next like Louis Armstrong! Gary is also the band’s comedic performer; he loves to get out among the crowd, join them in a line dance and provide the humor and fun that every band should have.

John Brown sings a wide range and handles the lyrics to “Hey Ya” and “I Want to Party” as if they were nursery rhymes!

And Dian Kelly, well, what more can we say than she can bring the crowd to tears with “Rollin’ in the Deep” and to their feet with “I Will Survive!”

There’s nothing these three can’t do!